What is Hypnoanalysis?

Hypnoanalysis, also known as analytical hypnotherapy, is a kind of treatment that aims to find the underlying root cause of a problem. It is based on the idea that, once the root cause of a problem is discovered and addressed properly, the symptoms will disappear, and the permanent positive change will follow.

Suggestion Therapy vs. Analytical hypnotherapy

Suggestion Therapy, is the method by which you will be provided with a relaxed, hypnotic state and will be given suggestions that will affect your feelings and behavior afterwards. Depending on your issues, problems, and your objectives, Suggestion Therapy is found to be effective.

Analytical hypnotherapy or Hypnoanalysis, on the other hand, provides a long-term, permanent solution for depression, anxiety, phobias and fears, eating disorders and other emotional or psychological problems. It is a highly-developed form of hypnotherapy and has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

While Suggestion Hypnotherapy is effective in relieving the symptoms, and managing them for a while, analytical hypnotherapy works at the root cause of the problem.

Underlying Anxiety

It is known in the fields of psychology and psychiatry that symptoms like phobias, panic attacks and social anxiety are caused by an "underlying" anxiety. The symptoms differ mainly because every individual handles situations and circumstances differently. One "underlying" anxiety may cause a symptom in one person, and a completely different symptom in another.

What makes analytical hypnotherapy more effective than other forms of therapy is that once the "underlying" anxiety, or the underlying cause of the issue, all of the symptoms are reduced accordingly. This works just like the familiar "cause-and-effect" in other areas of life.

In this method, your hypnotherapist will skillfully use techniques to pry information from your unconscious memories, to subtly encourage your mind to keep into memory only the learning experience and to let go of any conflicting emotion or issue. In time, this will eliminate any other dysfunction, compulsion or obsession. It provides you with the tool to recognize the repressed emotion, accept and relinquish it so you can finally heal physically, mentally and emotionally.

Analytical Hypnotherapy is a therapy course, once and for all.

Note though that although analytical hypnotherapy effectively works, it is not a quick-fix solution for emotional issues. It will take some effort, time, and commitment, along with a dozes of self-discipline. It is not the passive type of therapy where you just sit around and let the therapist do his work.

Analytic hypnotherapy is a very involving process which is interesting and absorbing. With the hypnotherapy sessions, you will get to know more about yourself, learn about how you think, what pleases or displeases you, and other things you never knew about your personality.

Which hypnotherapy is good for you?

The answer to this question generally lies on the issue at hand. Suggestion Therapy is best for those who would like to make positive changes in their lives on issues that don't have underlying anxiety or stress causing the symptoms. It is often used for treating habits that are compulsive and pervasive, such as nail biting.

On the other hand, Hypnoanalysis or analytical hypnotherapy is the most effective approach for those with major long-term problems that have underlying anxiety trapped in the unconscious such as depression, anxiety, phobia, fear, panic attacks and other emotional issues. This form of therapy can fully and permanently resolve the underlying cause of the problems, thus can free you from their symptoms.


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