What is Suggestion Hypnotherapy All About?


Suggestion Therapy is simply the combination of relaxation and hypnosis that can successfully imprint a new set of beliefs to your subconscious in order to make permanent changes. It is what people generally refer to when you talk about hypnotherapy. With Suggestion Therapy, you will be set in a relaxed atmosphere amidst a light hypnotic state. During this period of calm and quiet, your therapist will give you carefully worded appropriate suggestions that can affect the symptoms and issues you wanted to consult about. The suggestions provided are all positive and will involve strategies for thinking and acting more positively. The suggestions can encourage you to visualize an outcome you desire - an outcome which will become reality once you are out of the relaxed state.

Suggestion Therapy is then a relaxing method that can be used to treat conditions such as nail biting, smoking habit, or for conditions that need quick fixes such as fear of flying or public speaking or when taking an upcoming test. For example, if you have a driving test and would like to consult so you can pass it, your therapist would give you suggestions which go "you are going to feel relaxed and in full control during your driving test." This suggestion will guide you through your driving test, and enable you to practice your driving skills in a calm and relaxed, yet confident way. You will then be rehearsing the output that you desire rather than worry about how it might go - leading to higher probability of success.

An additional benefit of Suggestion Therapy is that you will successfully learn some effective relaxation techniques that you can use in your everyday life.

How does Suggestion Therapy work?

During hypnotherapy, your body and mind is relaxed and made more focused on a certain subject. During this relaxed state, you are physically at ease yet mentally awake, and you are very responsive to suggestion. If you want to quit smoking for example, your therapist will suggest and convince you that henceforth, you will start to dislike the taste of cigarettes. While some people respond better than others, Suggestion Therapy is known to be effective in treating the aforementioned conditions.

Suggestion Hypnotherapy brings about short-term effects - effects that usually last from a few weeks to a few months. It is not a life-changing form of therapy, but it is nevertheless very powerful and effective.  It usually only needs one or two sessions, and the results usually take effect immediately. Suggestion Hypnotherapy is also very effective in controlling your nerves, boosting your confidence levels and promoting calmness during times where stress is at its peak.

For those who need long-term effects for more serious or pervasive conditions, a therapeutic method called Hypnoanalysis is more appropriate.  Hypnoanalysis is ideal for those whose conditions are caused by an underlying anxiety deeply-rooted in the subconscious mind which needs to be addressed and resolved. This more comprehensive type of treatment does not only manage or control the problem and its symptoms as Suggestion Therapy does, but it aims to resolve it completely and permanently.

Let us take the case of weight loss. Suggestion Therapy can be helpful to some people whose weight issues are not based on some anxiety-based component. If you only want to lose a little weight, you will only need some motivation to eat healthy, exercise or to reduce calorie intake so Suggestion Hypnotherapy is appropriate. However, for those whose weight problems are due to bottled-up emotions or deeply-rooted anxiety,  Hypnoanalysis may be more suitable.

In any case, Suggestion Hypnotherapy can help you manage your issues very successfully. All you need to do is try it to believe.


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