Hypnosis is Caused by the Power of the Hypnotist:

The hypnotist will use his or her communication and rapport building skills, making it more likely that you will accept guidance through a suggested experience, but only to the degree that you permit it.  The hypnotist may direct our experience but this is, again, due to to willingness and consent on your part.  It is clearly a relationship of mutual responsiveness.

Only Certain Kinds of People Can Be Hypnotized:

In practice, there are definitely some people more difficult to induce hypnosis in than others, but this does not mean that they are less capable of being hypnotized.  It merely indicates their resistance for one of many possible reasons, (e.g. fear of losing control, difficulty in distinguishing internal states such as relaxation or tension, negative situation factors, fear of change, etc...). Once the nature of the resistance is identified  and resolved, the person can become able to experience hypnosis satisfactorily.

Your Can Become "Stuck" in Hypnosis or Might Not "Wake Up" From Hypnosis:

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention, either inwardly or outwardly directed.  You can initiate or terminate the experience any time you choose and you are in complete control.

You Must Be Relaxed in Order to Be in Hypnosis:

Since hypnosis is a state of concentrated attention, you can be anxious, even in deep suspense, and still be focused.  Thus, physical relaxation is not a necessary prerequisite for hypnosis to occur.

You Are Asleep or Unconscious When in Hypnosis:

Hypnosis is not sleep! Although physically there is decreased activity, muscle relaxation, slowed breathing, etc., you are relaxed yet alert mentally, with a level of awareness of what is going around you.  Even deep hypnosis you remain aware of external reality to some degree.

Hypnosis is a Satanic Practice:

Hypnosis and trance are perfectly natural occurrences and are neither good nor bad in and of themselves.

Hypnosis Will Not Work on Highly Intelligent Persons:

Innate characteristics of people, such as intelligence, do not have any effect on the ability of a person to be hypnotized.  Any person can resist being hypnotized on demand, either actively or passively, regardless of thier intellectual capacity.

Hypnotized Persons Will Tell Secrets or Will Always Tell the Truths:

Hypnosis will not compel a person to tell secrets or share any other information that they not want to share.  Persons under hypnosis can lie purposefully or recall information in a distorted manner as noted above.

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