Hypnotherapy for Treatment of Panic Attacks

It is normal to feel anxious from time to time. But if you have panic attacks, it is hardly anything but normal.  Panic attacks are sudden episodes of unexplainable, intense fear that manifest without any warning or apparent reason, and trigger very strong physical reactions. Someone going through a panic attack will have a very frightening experience, which feels like you are having a heart attack. Their psychological effects are even more frightening. It is usually very sudden, and will last between 20 to 30 minutes.

Among the symptoms of a panic attack are as follows: shaking, abnormally rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, chest tightness and pain, excessive sweating, high blood pressure, abnormal sensations on the skin, and tension. You may also have a certain fear that something very bad is about to happen, or a certain fear of death and dying.

There is a Solution for Panic Attacks

When you experience panic attacks, you will feel like something is terribly wrong with you and that there is no way out. You probably have tried various solutions but they all don't seem to work. But there actually is something that can help you -  Hypnoanalysis.
You see, panic attacks are mainly caused by bottled-up emotions in your subconscious that manifest themselves in the form of anxiety. They seem to come from nowhere because their roots are deep in the subconscious where our conscious mind don't have free access to. It is outside our control so there is no telling when the panic attack will set in. This is the reason why those who have panic attacks find it difficult to explain why they are feeling it and what is causing the attack.

Why Traditional Hypnotherapy is not Enough

In the case of anxiety and panic attacks, traditional Hypnotherapy, also termed as Suggestion Therapy is simply not enough. The traditional methods deal only with the symptoms of the anxiety and not the underlying cause. In traditional hypnotherapy, hypnosis will be used to suggest away your anxiety. You will be given suggestions that will make you feel calmer and be at ease with the things that makes you feel uncomfortable. You will leave the hypnotherapist probably feeling less anxious, but the root cause of your anxiety, which is still somewhere in your unconscious emotions, have not been properly addressed.

Since the unconscious emotions have not been resolved, they will eventually find their way out again through an outlet. This means that you may not experience panic attacks as often as you did before, but there will be a setback. This is known as symptom substitution. For example, you may feel less anxious, but you suddenly have this terrible fear of being in crowds. This is a very real phenomenon which can most likely happen if the problems of the unconscious are left untreated.

Not only that, the suggestions you get from the hypnotherapist are not likely to last for a long time. In a few months or so, it will not be surprising if your anxiety and panic attacks return with a vengeance.

Resolve Anxiety Permanently with  Hypnoanalysis

If you want a permanent cure from your anxiety, traditional hypnotherapy can't help. Therapies such as CBT, EFT, psychotherapy, NLP, also won't address the problem from its very root. But Hypnoanalysis can. It is considered the most successful form of therapy today to release the root cause of anxiety and related symptoms. With Hypnoanalysis, you can live a life free from anxiety and panic attacks so you can be in more control of your life. Why allow yourself to suffer when you have a way to get out of that anxiety problem?

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