Treat Depression through Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis

There is a way to overcome and resolve the effects of depression permanently, thanks to Hypnoanalysis.

It is normal to feel down at certain points in our life. While this is a completely normal feeling, there are those people who suffer from it more pervasively, and these are those who are going through depression. Depression makes you feel locked in a prison of sadness and emotions that nothing seems to uplift your mood or to set you free from the prison cell.

Depression is formed due to unconscious emotional conflict within an individual. These are unresolved emotions which make you feel like you are living a worthless life. Backed up by the unconscious emotional conflicts, the feeling becomes much more intense, making it even more difficult to get out.

Hypnoanalysis aims to provide you the opportunity to completely and permanently resolve those unconscious emotions. Once you set these emotions free and address them properly, they will no longer affect your life and how you live. It also aims to give insight on where your depression came from and why it gave such a tremendous impact on your life.

With depression, the root of your symptoms is within your unconscious; conscious attempts to resolve them will eventually become futile. This explains why many forms of therapy can only help achieve some balance or to lighten you up, but will never completely resolve your depression. If you want a permanent solution, you have to address your depression from its very source.

Hypnoanalysis is undoubtedly the best therapy known today for revealing, addressing and properly resolving unconscious emotional conflicts. In just about 4-6 sessions, you will be granted the opportunity to utilize your very own natural therapeutic process to fully resolve these conflicts and be free from them.

Unlike psychotherapy where your problems are discussed and you are psyched to manage your emotions,  Hypnoanalysis is not an intellectual exercise. With Hypnoanalysis, we provide you with a safe and relaxed atmosphere conducive for releasing and letting go of those unconscious emotions that are causing your grief.

Traditional Suggestion Hypnotherapy vs. Hypnoanalysis

In Traditional Suggestion Hypnotherapy, you are given suggestions to ease up your mind, make you feel more relaxed, and promote general well-being. Although these suggestions work well in managing depression symptoms, they don't get into the core of your depression and thus, only a temporary solution. Since the underlying reason is not addressed, Suggestion Therapy is only ideal for minor problems and is not enough for more pervasive and serious issues like depression.

There are also other forms of therapy for managing depression that are aimed at getting into the root of the problem, such as regression therapy.  However, these methods rely on the therapist's insight to fish for the root cause. These techniques do not take advantage of the mind's natural therapeutic process. Oftentimes, they bring out emotions well before the client is ready to face them and rarely resolves the problem permanently.

Unlike other therapies, Hypnoanalysis is not about managing the problem and its symptoms, dealing with the problem or seeing the issue in a different light.  Hypnoanalysis is all about getting to the underlying cause of the problem and resolving it permanently.


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