Yes, there is Help for Anxiety - Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

We all know what it is like to get anxious. It is a perfectly normal feeling and everybody feels it from time to time. However, when anxiety or panic attacks become too intense or when they begin to strike more frequently out of the blue, then it definitely is time to seek help. Social anxiety or social phobia is one of the most common forms of anxiety. It affects as much as 13% of the population, so anxiety problems are actually more common than you think.

Fortunately today, there are now a few means of managing, resolving and treating anxiety and panic attacks - the most effective of which is hypnosis and hypnotherapy. They are proven to be beneficial and are known to give satisfying results.

About Anxiety Disorders

As mentioned earlier, anxiety disorders are quite common, affecting as much as 13% of the population. There is no telling where they can start, and they fall into five main kinds, namely:

  • Panic Disorder - people with panic disorder feels intense fear without showing any warning. They feel that something terrible is about to happen, even if there really is no basis for believing so.
  • General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) - people who suffer from GAD have chronic anxiety; they are constantly worried even if there is no reason to get worried about
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - those with OCD have thoughts that continue to occur over and over that it interferes with their daily life. This sometimes leads to repetitive actions and behaviors considered to be compulsions
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - this type of problem result due to a traumatic event where one was in extreme danger (such as assault, accident or natural disaster). People with PTSD relive the traumatic event over and over and have strong emotional bond that keeps them from letting go
  • Phobias (including Social Anxiety Disorder) - this is characterized by being too overwhelmed or too self-conscious in otherwise normal social situations and events that it keeps people from acting normally.

How then does anxiety feel? Anxiety is a very unpleasant feeling. It can even be crippling that it rearranges your life to alter responsibilities, commitments and lifestyles to fit-in around the anxiety issues and panic attacks.

Those who suffer from anxiety may also feel depressed, may have difficulty sleeping, and can also exhibit psychosomatic conditions. All these, in turn, can have detrimental effect in one's social life, work, relationships, and school. Generally, the feeling of anxiety varies from one individual to the next: it can be as simple as feeling nervous or having sweaty hands for some, but it can be full blown panic or anxiety attack for others. Other symptoms include shortness of breath, palpitations, feeling cold or hot all over, light-headedness, sweating, nausea, or even feelings of fainting.

There is A Way out of Anxiety

If you are suffering from anxiety, you can get help that you need. There is a type of hypnotherapy available today that is known to really work in resolving anxiety problems - permanently. This is called Hypnoanalysis.

This therapy has helped countless of people with their anxiety problems for many years now. In this method, therapists do not manage or control the anxiety problem on hand, but they work in resolving it completely and permanently. Hypnoanalysis provides the benefits of hypnosis effectively combined with Suggestion Therapy that can help you face your anxieties head on, resolve them so you can look forward to a future full of possibilities in a more relaxed way.


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