Hypnotherapy for Treating Addiction and Addictive Behaviors

There are millions of people who turn to some addiction - be it gambling, sex, cigarettes, shopping or work. Are you one of them? An addiction is a behavior that you constantly succumb to, which brings you more harm than good. What is important to know about addiction is that it is done by people to fill some sort of need, to fill a gap in their lives, even if it is only temporary. Addictions like shoe shopping can be mild, while addiction to gambling or drugs can be downright harmful for your finances and your health.

Some of the most common addictions today include gambling, cigarettes, exercise, work, sex and pornography, extreme sports, computer gaming & surfing, and shopping. Although most of these are natural and can be a normal part of your daily life, too much indulgence and doing them in excess can cause you real problems. While cigarette smoking and drugs, for example, must be abstained for obvious reasons, addictions which involve extensions of normal daily are much more complex to handle.

To permanently treat addictions, it is very important to first understand the nature of the emotional gap or void you are trying to fill through your addiction. It must be explored, understood, and motivated so you can understand yourself and get down to the very root of your addiction so you can establish a firm foundation from where you will start your recovery. This can only be done through hypnotherapy, most specifically Hypnoanalysis.

Hypnoanalysis is about empowering the mind, especially the subconscious, to permanently remove the underlying problem that is causing the addiction. Our conscious, intelligent mind is well-aware when certain things are too excessive and what certain acts are bad for your well-being. Despite this and despite all efforts to quit, it just doesn't seem to let you off the hook permanently. Why? Because most addictions are deeply rooted in the subconscious - in a place where out mental minds don't have control over.

Once the real issue in your subconscious is addressed and resolved, the symptoms will naturally go away along with the entire addiction. How does hypnotherapy help treat addictive behavior?

Hypnotherapy provides much more than what traditional treatment methods don't provide. Hypnotherapy helps stop the cravings, guides the addict through the grueling period of emotional and physical discomfort, while at the same time helping them know and deal with the feelings related to the addiction. Hypnotherapy can help you know more about yourself - what drives you to that addiction and what that dependence is linked to. Once you deal with these difficult feelings, you will find the dependence go away or replaced by a much healthier substitute.

Clinical studies have established the effectiveness of hypnotherapy against drug addiction. It has been shown that hypnotherapy has a 77% success rate for drug addiction and 94% success rate for methadone narcotic addiction, making it one of the most effective treatment methods available today. In fact, many studies have shown that along with the Twelve-Step method by Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar recovery programs, hypnotherapy has success rate of over 87%. Hypnotherapy has helped thousands of addicts get cleaner and sober with very little withdrawal symptoms.

Of all the hypnotherapy treatment available,  Hypnoanalysis was found to be the most effective method. Although this particular therapy involves more time and effort, it is the most non-directive and makes use of the mind's natural healing process rather than filling it with suggestions. With Hypnoanalysis, you don't only get rid of the symptoms, but your addiction problems can be totally resolved permanently.

So whether you are addicted to drugs, or addicted to shoes, hypnotherapy can set you free from what sets you back from a healthy, financially-stable, carefree everyday life.


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